Sunday, August 17, 2014


In Instagram pix. I wanted to check in one more time before checking out for the next week while we're on our annual family vacation. I'll be posting daily on Instagram (I'm finessabedoun) if you want to follow our adventures there :)

 I somehow managed to pack a week's worth of stuff for all five of us up in one suitcase and one bag. Family vacation 2014, here we come!

 "I got a blue tongue, mama!"

 Superhero on the loose! 

 Crazy kiddo :) 

 Legos are serious business around here.

 Coffee and finishing up this gorgeous senior's session. Happy morning :)

 My little superhero 

A million other things I should be doing. Instead, I'm doing this while watching my babies play 

I'm trying to soak up as much of what's left of Summer as I can before school starts and Ryan gets on the truck full-time. While I'm always happy for my babies to grow and flourish and become their own little people, I am not happy about how fast time is flying by and how quickly they're growing. Just yesterday Franky and I were trying to master the whole breastfeeding thing and in just two weeks, he'll be starting the first grade and will be in school full days. I hate it. I'm dreading it. I'm not ready for it. And as much as I love watching him grow, I'm not loving how fast it's happening and I know I won't be happy again until he gets out for the year and I have him all to myself for another entire Summer long. And it occurred to me today that next fall, Marija will be starting school part-time, probably at the same school Franky went to for half-day kindergarten. Wahhhhhhh, why must they grow so fast?!

Thursday, August 14, 2014


In Instagram and Canon pix. I suck at blogging this Summer, and I'm not sorry :) It's been full, busy and good. And the next month brings even more fullness, busyness and goodness. It will include our annual family vacation, my 30th birthday, Franky starting the first grade and being in school full day and moving into our gorgeous apartment and finally being on our own after three years of living with my in-law's and my mom.

I'm not ready for Summer to be over, for my firstborn to be in school all day, for cold weather or anything else that has to do with not spending every waking moment with my loves outdoors.

I'm a dork and I don't care :) 

My first baby and my littlest baby bed-hogging big time. 

Spur-of-the-moment trips to my favorite childhood beach in Port Huron. I love that my babies will grow up with memories of coming to the same spot I grew up going to. 

Ry and I both had the camera on this day, so I can't take full credit for all of these pictures. 

I don't know what I did to deserve them, but whatever it was must have been really good :)

I will do my best to post again before we leave for vacation, but if I don't, I'll be back soon :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


In Canon pix. I have a lot of outdoor spots for photo shoots on my in-law's side of town but only a few on my mom's. Today my sole mission was to find new ones out here and I hit the jackpot.
In searching for new spots, we passed by this place on Van Dyke between 22 & 23 mile roads. It was a cool piece of history just hanging out in an otherwise busy strip of street. 

This building was designed by Albert Kahn. 

(taken by Ryan) 

(taken by Ryan) 

(taken by Ryan) 

Yates Cider Mill is freakin' awesome for outdoor shoots. 

Chinese takeout in the park is fantastic.