Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby Brianna...

My SIL, Erin, posted tonight about a beautiful baby girl named Brianna. You can read Erin's post here. Erin is as passionate as I am in my hatred for child abusers.

I literally am choking back tears as I work to post this tonight...I feel that it's important to raise awareness about things like this so a stop can be put to child abuse....

Oh God...where do I even start?....

Brianna was a five-month-old baby girl who was murdered...her abuse is the worst I have ever heard of in a baby. The only photos taken of her (in her short life) were by the coroner. The images I've posted show a badly battered baby girl. Below are photos of the baby girl, her grave site, her "parents" and her "uncle". Those monsters are in quotes because I refuse to acknowledge them as parents.

Brianna had injuries in multiple stages of healing, which told the coroner that her abuse had been on-going for a long period of time. She had swelling in her brain caused by Shaken Baby Syndrome, bleeding of her optic nerves and skull fractures. She had been raped by her uncle and father (the blood on her uncle's underwear matched her DNA). She had been bitten multiple times by her parents and uncle, with bite marks all over her body, in various stages of healing. She had fractured ribs and leg bones. She had cuts and bruises all over her head, face and body. The night she died, her father and uncle had been tossing her into the air by her feet, causing her head to slam against the ceiling multiple times. A few of the times they tossed her into the air, they failed to catch her, causing her tiny body to slam into the ground. Her mother was passed out, asleep, when her boyfriend and brother were raping and abusing her child. Yes, you read that right...they were charged with criminal sexual penetration after they admitted to doing it. Brianna's parents admitted to biting and pinching the baby girl whenever they became frustrated with her.

I commented this on Erin's blog, and I'll say it here is a parent's duty to protect their child at all costs. Especially the mother. I think a mother's love is the most important. Even more important than a father's because the mother is the one who carries the baby and bonds with her baby longggg before the child is ever born. I know from experience that I began bonding with my son from the moment I found out I was pregnant. I'm not undermining my husband's love for our son, because I know my husband would give his life for our son's in a heartbeat. All I'm saying, is that, even above it being the parent's duty to protect, it is the MOTHERS duty to protect her child.

I am heartbroken and crushed for Brianna...heart completely shattered for that precious baby girl. I don't even want to think about what it must have been like for her to endure that kind of torture and monstrous brutality...And that her grandmother (who lived in the same house and knew what was going on) never reported the abuse makes it even worse. I wonder if she was ever cuddled or snuggled or kissed or knew she was loved?

I don't even know what else to say about this because I can barely think clearly through my fury. NO BABY SHOULD EVER SUFFER ABUSE!

How the FUCK could ANYONE hurt a baby?!?? Most importantly, how could her PARENTS hurt her like this?

The sites I got my information from are here, here, here and here.

After Brianna's death, her community raised money for her funeral, burial and grave marker because no one else had claimed her. The people who were related to Brianna (I will NOT call them her family) had a locked enclosure placed around the grave site to prevent visitors from leaving flowers and gifts.

Brianna's grave, surrounded by a cage

These are the ONLY photos ever taken of Brianna. The CORONER took them. The first photo was clearly retouched for memorial purposes. The photos under that are original coroner's photos.

Steven Lopez (Brianna's uncle)

Stephanie Lopez (Brianna's mother)

Andrew Walters (Brianna's father)

Here is a news story about her as well:


  1. I have never wanted to go hold my kids more than right now. I am commenting through tears.. how could ANYONE hurt a beautiful baby like that? I honestly could vomit the ice cream that I just ate right back up. I really can't believe what i just read. Oh Lord please let Brianna be at peace now.

  2. Im just sick over this story. I have a hard time understanding why things like this happen. Im so sad. :(

  3. I really have no words. I wish we as a collective mass ( as it would be) could go do to those sick fucks, what they did to that angel. And much more. I am enraged, brought to tears, and feeling sick all at once.

  4. First- I just came across your site reading about April Rose and noticed that our boys share bdays! Sept was a great month to give birth :)

    Second-I saw a youtube clip of this story and I was crying the whole time. I cant stop thinking about how awful this poor babys life must of been. I know God has a "plan" for everyone...but what was His plan for her???? I think about her sweet face all of the time. I know she is in a better place now, but those sick bastards that are her "family" need to rot in hell. I hope they are being tortured in prison!!!

  5. I first watched a youtube posting of this a couple of hours ago. It was so hard seeing those pictures and hearing what they had done to such a precious child. I don't understand why there are so many good people out there that would never harm a child but they can't have kids for one reason or another but people like Brianna's "parents" can reproduce constantly and never truely understand the gift they were given. I hugged and kissed my kids extra tonight when I put them to bed- wanted to make sure that they know I love them everyday. These "parents" used the defense that they were young and stupid and didn't know better. I had my son when I was 17 years old and I NEVER ONCE would have thought about doing anything like this. Some people are so cruel. This poor child never felt real love but in gods arms she is finally feeling it. I hope that these people live with this for the rest of their pitiful lives. I hope they suffer great pain.

  6. I will NEVER understand how a mother or father or any human can do this to this beautiful baby. I would love to be able to have a daughter & I can't but somehow these horrible people did. I don't understand Gods reasoning for putting this baby in their hands.

  7. I think of Brianna often after reading her horrible story a while back. I can not imagine how anyone could do this to a child/baby. I hope that God took her away before she felt the pains of what had happened to her. And i ask God why?? How could he let this happen to any innocent child. I pray for her, she is in the best place, heaven. Like some of the writers above, i hold my children longer when I hug them. Just hoping Brianna feels a little love of that hug. Rest In Peace beautiful baby girl Brianna.

  8. I told my hubby baby briannas case he cried...what kind off animals would such a thing my baby girl is 8 months old and I protect her so much I would never let anyone her

    Rest in peace I know your in gods hands now you sweet little angel

  9. like for real bro her dam parents and her uncle they got problems like for real man i mean look i am not gonna say nothin good about baby brianna's parents because they do not deserve nothing nice at all never no no no never okay so brianna you are resdting in peace right now baby so L O V E you alot and for the rest of my life. i got a lil shorty of my own and he is not gitting abused by his mother hello bro don't do this shit to her now.

  10. Ever since i heard about this lil angel i have not been able to get her lil face out of my head. I have 3 boys and 1 girl and its breaks my heart to think that a parent is capable of such horrific abuse. If i could get my hands on those 3 animals i promise you they would beg for me to end their life. I hope you all rot in hell while baby briana is safe in the hands of our lord. CHILD ABUSE and DEATH is the sickest criminal act anyone could ever commit and they should be punished according. How do you rape a baby or anyone you freaks. Mother and grandmother protect the babies not kill them or stand by while someone else does. May your souls aggonise for all eternity for every bit of pain you put on that tiny lil girl. I would have taken her in a second and she would have felt love and safe and grown to be a well adjusted woman one day. God rest your tiny soul my love and know your safe from all those who intended you harm.

  11. I read this story for the first time yesterday just watching different things on you tube. I am sick to my stomach that humans like that still exist in among us. thank god these animals will never be able to have another child, and I hope some big guy in prison shows them just how objects can fill in their asses. I believe these guys should have been tortured and thrown around and when they beg for mercy, they should be dropped in a cage with aout a dozen hungry lions... sadly none of that will bring the angel back, but I am hopefull there is a special mommy up there that will give her the love and care she deserves.... love ya baby